Hiring an architect is a crucial decision.  Construction projects can be the largest expense of a lifetime and impact your personal environment longer and more profoundly than most other events in your life.  If you choose your architect wisely you will enjoy a relationship with someone whom you can entrust to guide you through the process and accomplish your goals.

A well-designed environment will enrich your life.  Your home is the stage on which you live out most of life’s events.  Done well, a dwelling becomes the home base for the times of your life spent away, and the sanctuary to which you return. 

When it comes to selecting an architect, chemistry is more important than physics.  Any competent architect can design a house.  You want the right architect for your home.  Take the time to get to know your architect before you start the journey together. 

While web sites may adequately express the body of work of a particular architect, they are an ineffective tool to describe the energy that goes into the process of designing a project.  As you peruse this site, keep in mind that each project has a unique backstory.  I hope you will grasp the opportunity to let me share some of those stories with you and perhaps grant me the privilege to co-author the story of your home.

                                                                                             ~ Bill Salley

It matters less to a person where they are born than where they can live.

~ Turkish Proverb